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Prof. David M Ndetei
30+ Years

Education & Training

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University of Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya
Professor Of Psychiatry
Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists


Professor David M. Ndetei received his first degree, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), from the University of Nairobi in 1975. In 1980 he received a Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) in the United Kingdom, followed by a PhD from the University of Nairobi in 1985. Later, in 2004, he was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (FRCPsych), and in 2013, a Doctor of Science (DSc) from the University of Nairobi.

He is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Nairobi, a position he has held since 1995, and the Founding Director of the Africa Institute of Mental and Brain Health (AFRIMEB).

His work at AFRIMEB involves conducting innovative implementation research that seeks to inform the provision of affordable, appropriate, available, and accessible mental health services in primary healthcare with a focus on the following areas: community mental health; incorporating mental health in the treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension; mother-child health; early childhood development; school mental health including substance use and suicide.

He has been the PI or Co-I of most Kenyan-published clinical and community epidemiological studies on mental health and substance abuse which are the basis for practice in Kenya. He has authored six books, 21 monographs, and over 426 publications in peer-reviewed Journals.

He is dedicated to advancing psychiatric education and training in Kenya. He has mentored numerous graduate and postgraduate students (Masters, PhDs, DScs, post-docs).  He was instrumental in the development of various specialized programs at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Nairobi.  He has been a mentor to students from various parts of the World who wanted exposure to community-based mental health.  

Under his leadership, AFRIMEB has become a leading center in the region for mental health and brain health research, collaborating with professionals and research from across the globe.  

He is ranked the 2nd Best Social Sciences and Humanities Scientist in Kenya.

MBChB (Nairobi), DPM (London), MRC Psych, FRC Psych, (UK), MD (Nairobi),

DSc (Nairobi), DIFAPA (USA), Certificate in Psychotherapy (Lond)

  • Professor of Psychiatry, University of Nairobi,
  • Founding Director, Africa Institute of Mental and Brain Health (AFRIMEB), Nairobi, Kenya
  • Director, World Psychiatric Association Collaborating Centre for Research and Training, Kenya
  • Hon. Member World Psychiatric Association
  • Past Representative, World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Zone 14
  • Honorary Fellow of the World Association for Social Psychiatry
  • Hon. Faculty and Collaborator, The Chester M. Pierce, MD Division of Global Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
  • Hon. Faculty, Western University Canada, GLOBAL MINDS Institute
  • Hon. Member, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK
  • Past Secretary and Chairman, Africa Division, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK
  • Distinguished International Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.

He is currently editing a book titled “Global Mental Health in Africa: Towards Inclusivity, Innovations and Opportunities”.  It brings together about 100 expert contributors from across the globe with experience in mental health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.  It will be published in 2023 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.