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Climate Change & IPV

This is a four-year study that aims to develop and test a smartphone-delivered intervention tailored for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) survivors in Kenyan informal settlements. It will employ ecological momentary intervention (EMI) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) to collect real-time data on IPV experiences, stress, self-efficacy, social support, and climate-related impacts.

Why now : As the adverse effects of climate change and extreme weather become more evident its impact on women who experience intimate partner violence in LMICs cannot be ignored. These women are often left out of current climate adaptation strategies that will address their specific needs.

Expected outcome: The study aims to empower women with a low-cost, accessible tool for developing and revising safety strategies responsive to climate-related threats, and to establish a sustainable model for climate adaptation and IPV response in informal settlements globally.

Funding support: National Institute of Mental Health

Research team: Dr. Christine Musyimi, Dr. Samantha Winter

(AFRIMEB) is a public benefit organization, based in Kenya dedicated to research in mental and neurological health and, substance use to generate evidence for policy and best practice in the provision of affordable, appropriate, available and accessible mental health services.

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