One of the greatest assets and most commonly ignored for every human being is ‘peace of mind’. Peace of mind to deal with everyday life challenges and situations. They say in every situation, 50% of it is won through a calm mind and mental strength.

At Africa Institute of Mental and Brain Health, we believe that listening is one of the best tools in the practice of mental health. By learning where clients are in their life journey, we can help them make the greatest positive impact on their own health care. Our model of practice is that every client is unique but we all have the human body’s intricate system in common. We believe that each component of this system must be in working order. If one element is not, the entire system begins to suffer. We know that with both the patient and therapist being proactive, mental ailments can be delayed or prevented.

Whether working with clients to manage conditions such as anxiety, depression, grief or psychosis, we encourage them to make a difference in their own lives. We believe that preventative health care and healthy lifestyle changes can make the biggest difference in a person’s overall health and well-being. We empower clients to be actively involved in preventative health and management of their stress.

AFRIMEB provides employees, spouses, families ,children, organized groups and people from all walk of lives with convenient access to quality, affordable on-site mental care. If you are experiencing stress, relationship issues, depression or any other behavioral health issue, contact us.

We are staffed with experienced and highly trained health care clinicians who will listen and walk with you to deal with your situation. We simply care for your mental health well being